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We empower business leaders and managers to create a work culture where employees feel honored that they GET to work for you, rather than dread that they have to. 


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The Proven 5 Point Formula That Turn Employees Into Raving Fans So You Can Stop Micro-Managing and Free Up Your Time.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics concludes that turnover in the Hospitality industry averages around 70-80% annually in stark contrast to other industries at 10-15%


A top reason for employee turnover is a toxic work environment. Let us show you how to avoid chaos and instill confidence during high-pressure work situations.

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Leading HR companies know that productivity can be increased up to 20% and is directly related to happiness at work.


The Lively Office membership will provide the necessary tools to create an energetic, engaged, and valued employee. 


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Conflict avoidance destroys company culture, employee morale, and trust.


Get individualized guidance for your unique  business situation. We provide solutions that build courage and foster communication. 


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We have the perfect solution if you want to retain your employees even if they want to quit.

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With over 50 years of combined experience creating exciting productive work spaces.  Join us and our community of like-minded individuals where we share ways to retain your most important resources, the people.  



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Learn our proven formula to create an energetic work environment that produces results. With live training on improving communication, conflict management, team building, and how to shift your company culture to a Lively Office.    Start eliminating your workplace drama now.   

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Connect with other like-minded managers.  Share ideas, solutions, and make lasting connections.  Ask questions, get answers, but most of all, have FUN in our community forums.   We are open 24/7.

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Get unlimited accountability with our monthly live events! Weekly Q&A sessions, monthly live training, and bonus sessions with Virginia and Nanette to give you The Lively Office live experience, from the comfort of your own home or on the go!

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"Virginia and Nanette kept me highly engaged and used real life examples that are very relevant..high energy facilitators..."


Gary R

"Virginia and Nanette were spectacular, exceptional, engaging, knowledgable, etc. I could go on and on...their confidence is contagious..."


Fernando S

"Virginia and Nanette are so fun, I wish I worked with them daily"


Christina P

"Outstanding at creating engagement, I was in a rut"


Nick A

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